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Ramayanatil Patrvandana


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A Detailed And Systematic Study Of The Lead Characters In Ramayana Since Our Childhood, We All Have Heard And Read The Stories Of Ramayana And Mahabharata, The Great Indian Epics. So Captivated Are These Stories That Adults And Youngsters Are Equally Attracted Towards These Stories, Be It In The Form Of Books, Comics, Tv Serials, Or Movies. Today There Are More Than 300 Languages In Which The Stories Of Ramayana Have Been Written. Not Just The Bauddha And Jains But Also The Muslims Have Ramayana Written In Their Own Languages. You Will Be Surprised To Know The True Story Of Shravana. In Reality, King Janak Had Not Arranged The Swayamvara Of His Daughter Janaki. Ravana Was A Very Learned Man And Was A Great Devotee Of Lord Shiva. Kuber Was The Step Brother Of Ravana. Laxman Had Never Drawn Laxman Rekha. If At All Anyone Had Tried To Find Out The Various Aspects Of The Nature Of The Main Characters Of Ramayana Like King Dasharatha, Hanuman, Bharat, Kausalya, Sumitra, Kaikayee And All Others, Then There Was Nothing To Guide Anyone From This Point Of View. No Attempt Had Ever Been Made In This Respect. This Book Will Surely Help Us Now To Find Out These Different Aspects Of The Human Nature. Nowhere There Is A Disrespect Shown For Any One Yet, There Is A Criticism Of Each Person. These Different Lines Allow Us To Develop A Rapport With These All Too Familiar Personalities, Each One Reflecting A Unique Aura. After Reading This Book, You Will Be Surely Able To Caste Off Your Superstition And Understand Them All With A Clear View.