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Prithvi Pratisaad - Sampoorna Vyavhahar Kushaltecha Lakshya ( with Vcd )


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Looking back at some situations we have faced, we often think, “Had I behaved differently, had I given an appropriate response, things would have been different.” Such statements only indicate our lack of control on our behaviour and actions. In today’s world of material comforts, everyone wants to lead a dynamic life and progress faster and further at a feverish pace. At the same time, we also yearn for peace and fulfilment. In order to harmonize and fulfil these seemingly contradictory objectives, it is important that we lead a life of completeness. This book provides the blueprint for proficiently conducting yourself based on the principle of Awakened Response. With the help of this blueprint, you can easily unlock the treasure chest of behavioural proficiency and thereby attain the greatest freedom. With practical examples, this book guides the reader on how to master the art of giving the perfect response in any situation. We should nurture this ability of perfect response to various situations as soon as possible. The miracle of Awakened response will then manifest in our life. There are many questions that need to be answered to understand this topic in its depth and entirety. How do we get rid of our programmed responses, which are often detrimental for us and for others? How do we achieve the freedom to give the ideal response to any situation? How do we make use of this greatest freedom? How do we consistently make the highest choices? How do we achieve completeness in life? Answers to all these questions are already available within you. This book enables you to unravel them. About Author Sirshree's Introduction Sirshree’s spiritual quest, which began during his childhood, led him on a journey through various schools of thought and meditation practices. The overpowering desire to attain the truth made him relinquish his teaching job. After a long period of contemplation, his spiritual quest ended with the attainment of the ultimate truth. Sirshree says, “All paths that lead to the truth begin differently, but end in the same way—with understanding. Understanding is the whole thing. Listening to this understanding is enough to attain the truth.” To disseminate this understanding, Sirshree devised Tejgyan—a unique system for wisdom—that helps one to progress from self-help to self-realization. He has delivered more than a thousand discourses and written over fifty books. His books have been translated in more than ten languages and published by leading publishers such as Penguin Books, Hay House Publishers, Jaico Books, etc. Sirshree’s retreats have transformed the lives of millions and his teachings have inspired various social initiatives for raising global consciousness.