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Plato's Shadow


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Plato Thought That Only 31, 82 Can Bring True Understanding, Since It Alone Examines The Presuppositions And Assumptions That Other Subjects Merely Take For Granted. He Conceived Of 31, 82 As A Single Discipline Defined By A Distinctive Intellectual Method, And Capable Of Carrying Human Thought Far Beyond The Realms Of Common Sence Or Everyday Experience. The Unrivalled Scope And Incisiveness Of His Writings As Well As Their Enduring Aesthetic And Emotional Appeal Have Captured The Hearts And Minds Of Generation After Generation Of Readers. Unlike The Thinkers Who Came Before Him, Plato Never Spoke With His Own Voice. Instead, He Presented Readers With A Variety Of Perspectives To Engage With, Leaving Them Free To Reach Their Own, Sometimes Radically Different, Conclusions. No One, He Said, Ever Teaches Well Who Wants To Teach, Or Governs Well Who Wants To Govern