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In The Society Where We Live With Others We Come Across Many People, Some Are Easily Understandable While Some Seem To Be Fathomless. The Roads That We Plan To Ride Across Sometimes Resemble The Fathomless Characters. So Much That At Times, We May Find Out The Depth Of These Fathomless People But Will Not Be Able To Find Out The Length Of These Tracks. These Are The Pathways Trailed By The Pedestrians Over The Ages And Are Endless. It Is Meaningless To Attempt Measuring Their Lengths, No One Has Ever Tried To Measure Them. The State Highways, The Nnational Highways Are All Measured And Marked With The Mile-Stones, But Not The Pathway Created By The Trails. The Zig-Zag Pathway Makes The Measurement Impossible. Have You Ever Tried To Watch The Way A Trail Winds Itself Along The Line? Sometimes It Sways Along The Way While Sometimes All Of A Sudden It Simply Disappears From Our Sight. At Moments, It Behaves In An Elegant Lady-Like Manner While At Times, It Has The Naughtiness Surrounding It. You Will Find Her Turning Back At Moments Making It Sure That You Are Still Following Her. Will You Be Able To Measure Her?