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Pathdukhi Visara


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The misery of back pain affects 85 per cent of us at some time in our lives. Two of India's highly distinguished doctors - Dr. Yatish Agarwal and Dr. S P Singh - have teamed together to help you avoid the problem and ensure a lifetime of pain-free, supple, and a healthy back. They have come up with an unique book on reversing back pain. Dr. Arun Mande has taken immense efforts to translate the book into Marathi for the benefit of a larger audience. 

Reversing Back Pain is the only back care book you will ever need. Whether you are choosing preventive exercises, recovering from a slipped disc or considering professional help, this is as good a personal guide you can ever get. The book covers:

  • Little secrets on how your back is structured and how it works.
  • How to prevent back pain? 
  • When to seek medical help?
  • How to plan and understand an effective recovery roadmap?
  • Which exercises help reversing back pain, and which ensure a lifetime of healthy back. How to cope with back problems during and after pregnancy. 
  • Safe medications, treatment options and quick home remedies 
  • The wrong and the right of posture, poise, footwear, chair and bed selection, travel and working environment.