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Out of the Box - Cricket : Bhavalela, Disalela Ani Tya Palikadacha


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Out of the Box – Cricket: Bhavalela Disalela Ani Tya Palikadacha is a collection of articles on cricket by Harsha Bhogle, which were published in The Indian Express for over 5 years. Written in the inimitable style of the author, the Marathi version of this book manages to bring together some of his most memorable write-ups, taking the reader over a cricketing journey of sorts. In words that will delight the lovers of the game, Bhogle encapsulates the legends of cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Brian Lara, and Wasim Akram with panache that is quietly reminiscent of the game. His articles provide insight into the nuances of the game, with an aim to entertain the reader. Bhogle follows Indian cricket through its highs and lows and brings forth a factual view, while also theorizing about India’s chances of dominating all three forms of the game.

Harsha Bhogle is one of the best known names associated with Indian Cricket, given his long and distinguished career as a cricket commentator, sports journalist, and a plethora of experience across all forms of media. He has also written The Winning Way: Learnings From Sport For Managers in collaboration with his wife. As a columnist with The Indian Express, his views were widely publicized and followed. Bhogle has also won numerous awards and was once voted as the ‘Most Favorite Cricket Commentator’ by the readers of Cricinfo in 2008.