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Onkarachi Rekh Jana


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In This Holy Land Of Saints, Janabai Has Got A Recognition. Her Work Is Great In All Aspects. And When We Consider The Situation Of The Society And The Levels That The Society Was Based Upon And Of Course The Deprivation Of The Women, Her Work Receives Great Credentials. Jana Was Born To Dama And Kurund, The Untouchables And Needless To Say A Very Poor Couple, From Gangakhed, A Small Village In Marathwade. She Was Conceived After A Wait For Many Years And Lost Her Mother At A Very Young Age. Her Father Left Her With An Elderly Couple At Pandharpur. Their Son Namdeo, The Renowned Saint Protected Her Right From Their Childhood. She Always Called Herself As His Humble Servant, But Was More Like A Disciple To Him. Jana Emerged As A Saint After Lot Of Struggle And Hardship. She Did Not Do It On Purpose. But As She Heard The Teachings Namdeo Was Receiving, As She Observed Him Writing And Reading, She Learnt A Lot. She Started Expressing Her Feelings Towards Lord Vitthala, Compiling Them In Abhangas. She Had A Craving Deep Within. She Was Pulled Towards Lord Vitthala With An Unknown Force. She Found Him To Be Her Constant Companion. She Was Tasted Severely For Her Devotion And Then Accepted By The Lord. She Found Solace At His Feet When The Time Was Right.