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Reprisal Like Never Before Woman Is Always Considered To Be The Fragile One, But If She Makes Up Her Mind Than She Can Get The Work Done For Thousands That Was Draupadi We All Are Very Much Familiar With The Great Epics Ramayana And Mahabharata. It Is Not That Just The Indian Culture Is Mesmerized By These Epics. They Have Captivated Minds Globally. A Lot Is Written On These Two Epics. This Present Book Is Based On Mahabharata From Draupadis Point Of View. It Reflects The True Colours Of Her Nature. She Was Born From The Fire Itself And Possessed The Qualities Of Fire. She Always Felt The Heat Of Feelings More Intensely Than Others. She Was The Cause Of The War Between Kauravas And Pandavas. And It Was Her Cause Of Living To Keep The Hatred Between Them On. She Had Fallen In Love With Krishna At The Very First Sight, But For Krishna She Was A Close Friend; So Close That There Was Oneness Between The Two. She Wanted To Marry Karna But Krishna Did Not Allow Her To Do So As Her Very Birth Had Just One Purpose; Revenge. How Did She Manage? What Happened To Her Womanly Feelings? How Could She Give Justice To Her Relations?