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Stories Revealing The Interwoven Feelings Of Men, Women And Destiny, All Alike, Yet Each One Unique In His Or Her Own Way. Splendid Colours Of The Complicated Relations Between His And Her. We Meet So Many People While We Are Trudging Along The Path Of Life. Most Of The Times, It Is Difficult To Penetrate Deep Into Their Minds, Beneath Their Plain Or Expressive Faces. The Relations Between Human Beings Are Varied And Knotty, At Moments, Thorny Too. Each One Reflects A Different Style Of Living And Behaving. The Show Of Feelings And The Reactions In Answer Disclose Lots Of Ripple On Minds. This Book And The Wonderful Stories Presents All These Intricacies Of Life For Our Perusal. The Base Of It Is The Relation Between A Man And A Woman, Superb Yet The Most Tricky, Demanding, Challenging, And Yet Awkward At Times. Love, Just A Word, But The Feelings That Is Reflects Have End Number Of Shades. Life, All Stuck In The Tricky And Complex Maze Of Destiny And A Human Life Deep Down In It Too. The Author Has Immense Skills, She Has An Observant Eye, She Has Collected These Various Shades, Assorted Them And Then Presented Them All In Her Skillful Hand. She Has Succeeded In Combining The Words And The Feelings. Each Of Her Story Increases Our Interest To Such An Extent That It Becomes Impossible To Keep The Book Down Till The End. These Stories Will Give You A Serenity, These Will Make You Wonder About The Human Nature As Well.