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Navi Pahat


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This Book Is Based On The Answers By Osho In His Simple Yet Sweat Language And Many Small Places Of Humour. He Has Answered Many Questions Arising In The Life Of Common Man. Naturally, The Answers Are For Everybody To Read, To Understand, To Learn Living. His Thoughts Expressed Are Much Ahead Of The 20th Or 21st Century. Many Of The Propositions Have Come To Reality Today. We Must Read The Chapters Especially On Our Day-To-Day Life, Reincarnation, Meditation, Our Own Ego, Etc. In This Book, Osho Has Very Beautifully Analysed Some Bad Habits Of A Mind Making Meditation Difficult. He Has Presented The 'MODERN Man' In Typical Attire. While Doing So With A Certain Straightforwardness, He Points Out The Faults In Certain Traditions, Mindsets, Rituals And The Presumptions While Following Them. His Definition Of 'MODERN Man' Will Make Everyone Introvert, Be It His Pupil, Be It His Disciple Or Be It A Common Man Like You And Me. Osho Do Not Expect Anything From Us. He Does Not Expect Each One Of Us To Search Ourselves, To Judge Ourselves, And Then To Decide The Way Of Our Behaviour, But We Automatically End Up Doing All These Things Once We Go Through The Book Completely.