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Navetil Teen Pravasi


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Once Upon A Time, There Lived Three Friends In The City Of Pune. They Get Bored Up With Their Routine Life. So They Plan Something Very Dashing. They Decide To Hire A Boat And Go On A Voyage. They Bring Their Plan In Reality. As They Start Their Journey, We Also Join Them Along With The Pet Dog, Motya. On The Way, We See The Changes In The Nature Through Their Eyes; The Physiology Of A Region, The Various Shades Of The Surroundings, The Flashing And Dashing Moments And So On. We Also Experience The Varied Mentality. We Laugh At Their Fiasco. We Join In Their Adventure. We Sigh With Relief When They Come Out Of The Adventure. We Cheer Them Up And We Dare To Cheer Them Up At Times. In The Long Run, We Become One Of Them, A Voyager.