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Emotional Involvement Of One The Spouses Or Outside If Marriage Has Been A Subject Of Interat For Ravindranath Tagore In Same Of His Better Known Works Of Fiction. The Three Novels Presented Here Viz. Nashtaneed (BROKEN Nest), Malaneh(Flower Garden) & Dui Boan (TWO Sister) Deal With The Same Theme. Out Of These Three, Nashtaneed Is More Famous Because Of The Film ''CHARULATA'' Based On It, Made By Satyajit Ray. Though The Theme Of These Three Novels Is The Same, The Stories Develupes Differently Because Of The Diffrent Temperaments Of The Characters Involved In The Situation. However There Is An Element Of Similiarity In The Way. Tagore Looks At The Problem Of Marital Infidelity In These Three Novels. Tagore Does Not Look At It As A Moral Or Social Issue. Nobedy Is Right & Nobody Is Wrong. The Predicament Of Thus People Results From The Way They Handle Their Situations Or Fail To Handle It. The Intense Emotional Turmoil They Undergo In The Process Is Of Their Own Making. Charu Gets Drawn To Her Brother-In-Law Amol When Her Husband Gets Too Engrossed In His Work To Pay Attention To Her Emotional Needs (NASHTANEED ), Aditya Gets Drawn To His Childhood Playmate Sarala When His Wife Neeraja Falls Sick To Taken To Bed (MALANCH). Shashank Gets Drawn To His Sister-In-Law Urmila When His Dominating Wife Sharmila Fall Sick And Urmila Is Called To Help Out. Charu, Aditya And Shashank Are Trying To Final A Way Out Of A Sufforating Situation. The Other Partners - Bhupati, Neeraja & Sharmila Suffer Emotionalli A Consequence To The Deviant Behaviour Of Their Spouses. And The Resulting Emotional Turmoil Leads To A Point Where The Marital Leads To A Point Where The Marital Relationship Comes Under Threat. The Intersity Of Their Suffeering, And The Way Out Of It Is Determined By Their Individual Temperament. The Point To Note Is That Indiscretion Is Nowhere Mentioned , Nor Is Repentance Felt By Anybody. These Novels Were First Published Nearly 75 Years Ago. They Created A Stir In The Literary World Of That Period Due To The Boldness Of The Theme, And The Controversial Neture Of The Treatment. However, What Appeah To Today's Reader With Modern Sensibilities Is Precisely. Tagore's To Moral Way Of Looking At This Sitation Where Pain Is Private Of Suffering Is Silent.