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Narayan Murty:Mulya Japnara Ek Adwitiya Ayush


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Software Expert Par Excellence, Narayana Murthy Strongly Believed In Putting India On The Global Map Of Software Technology. He And His Friends Struggled Hard To Earn Wealth Through Fair And Honest Means And Founded Infosys, One Of The Largest Software Companies In India Today. This Biography Is An Inspiring Story Of Courage And Vision. Table Of Contents 1. A Burning Desire 2. Focussed On Academics 3. Dream And Reality 4. First Brush With A Computer 5. Passion To Experiment 6. How Murthy Met Sudha 7. A New Initiative 8. Treasure In A Cupboard 9. Dream Comes True 10. Swimming Against The Tide 11. Positive Attitude During Testing Times 12. Chalo Banglore! 13. The Door Opens 14. A Revolutionary Scheme 15. Social Bent Of Mind 16. Simplicity As A Way Of Life 17. Role Models 18. Moulding The Future 19. 'WORLD Class' Serivces