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Mothi Shala


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"Internationally known artist and writer Madhuri Purandare was born on 29th April 1952. After completing her GD Art (Painting) from Sir. J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, she studied painting and graphic arts in Paris. She has also completed Diploma in French from the University of Pune.
Purandare was teaching French for over 18 years in Alliance Française. Today she is a well known name in the field of literature, illustration and painting. She is also very active in the fields of cinema, theatre and music. She is the chief art advisor at the Su-Darshan Art Gallery.
She has written many books for children as well as adults. She has also illustrated and translated a number of them. One of her well known book is - Picasso - A biography of Picasso in Marathi & Hindi which got the Kothavale award.
She has written many stories and poems for children. Some of her popular books are - Radhacha Ghar, Yash Series, Chitravachan, Hana's Suitcase, Vachu Anande series and the Lihave Netke series.
She has not only written and illustrated books but also translated many from french to marathi. "