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Mission Kashmir


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Of his twenty-five years in print journalism, twenty-one have been in Delhi. In fact, Ravindra Dani’s first assignment was to cover the Golden Temple and the terrorism wrought by Bhindranwale’s men. Right from the views expressed by Sardar Patel about the Kashmir problem, Dani gives a deep analysis of this issue. He talks about the ancient history of this beautiful land and even the dark days of the battle between India and Pakistan that continued for over 431 hours. The writing is far from merely a commentary; it gives views and counterviews about this entire scenario, backing it up with facts and statistics. From 1949 to 1989, the author systematically traces the chain of events, even the agreements made by Sheikh Abdullah and the Nehru-Gandhi clan. In a very comprehensive way, the book gives an overall view as well as an insiders’ look into the state of Kashmir and its many facets, dwelling at length on the status of this question even after 1989.