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Michael Jackson - Ek Jadu Ani Bedundi


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Marathi translation of the book ‘Michael Jackson: The Magic & Madness’, by J. Randy Taraborrelli. This is the biography of the late globally-renowned pop icon Michael Jackson. To say that Jackson was a phenomenon, would be to state the obvious and yet not do enough justice to the magnitude of the craze that he sparked the world over. Indeed, there have been several great performers before Jackson, and even after him. But the ‘magic’ and the ‘madness’ that Michael Jackson aka MJ personified, remains hitherto unparalleled! But all said and done, after the ‘magic’ it was the ‘madness’ that put Michael under constant spotlight till his untimely tragic death in 2009. Author J. Randy Taraborrelli has been witness to almost four decades of MJ’s tumultuous journey. This book portrays the highs & lows of Michael’s life as seen through Taraborrelli’s eyes. The author traced Michael’s journey from his first hit number upto his shocking death at the age of 50. Naturally, he has been privy to all of Michael’s moods, thoughts, victories and disappointments through this entire journey. These various shades of MJ’s mind & heart have been lucidly captured in the book ‘Michael Jackson: The Magic & Madness’. The book is as much a fantastic read for those who are fans of MJ, as it is for those who are not. It becomes an engaging experience to delve into the various good and bad facets of one of the most successful creative icons of this era. Definitely, a must-read for everyone!"