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Mi Rukmini


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Mi Rukmini', The Novel, Is The Story Of Her Own Expression. She Is The Princess Of Vidarbha Kingdom Kaundinypur And The Daughter Of King Bhismak And Sister Of Prince Rukmi. It Is Well Known That Rukmini Was Beloved Wife Of Srikrishna, The Hero Of Mahabharat. The Entire Novel Of 355 Pages Organized In 12 Chapters Is Revelation Of Her Sentiments Towards Shrikrishna To Whom She Was In Love With Before Marriage. Besides Performing The Role Of Srikrishna's Elder Wife She Undertook Functions Of Statecraft Viz To Receive Diplomats, To Obtain Information And Secrets From Officials And Spies, To Take Vital Decisions Because Srikrishna Was Very Often Out Of Capital Dwarka On Battles Small And Big-Campaigns. Srikrishna Was Also Engaged In The Affairs Of War Between Kauravas And Pandavas. The Novel Thus, Emphasized Her Duties And Responsibilities As The Queen Of Dwarka. Srikrishna Had In All Eight Wives. It Was Fascinated Part Of The Novel How She Reacted To The Incidents Of Bringing About One Wife After Another By Srikrishna. Rukmini's Responsibility Towards Kith And Kin Of Yadav Family Is Also Special Feature Of The Novel. Her Concern For In-Laws, Her Treatment Of Seven Queens As Sisters Are Notable. She Was Successful In Maintaining Amicable Relations With All. The Novel Begins With What Is Called Rakshas Vivah Between Srikrishna And Rukmini Owing To Stern Opposition Of Her Parents And Brother, Developed In Describing Various Events In The Life Of Srikrishna And Ended With Decadence Of Yadav Family. Efforts Have Been Made In This Book To Depict The Character Of Rukmini As Real Without Glorification. However, All Her Virtues Such As Her Charming Personality, Extreme Beauty, Her Capacity To Handle Difficult Situations, Her Decisiveness, Intelligence And Above All Her Intense Love, Loyalty And Devotion For Srikrishna Constitute Centre Of Attraction. Author Feels Rukmini Was Neglected. There Was Very Little Work On Rukmini. The Novel Aims At Giving Justice To Rukmini.