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Mi Ladachi Maina


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A Drama With An Exclusive Type Written In The 60s. This Is A Short And Sweet Story Woven In A Drama Form. It Is Based On The Couple Maina And Sokaji Serving The Royal Couple. They Both Are Spendthrift And Have Already Spent Whatever They Had. They Both Enjoy A Lavish Living And Do Not Feel That It Is Wrong To Cheat. They Are Under Debts Of Almost Everyone In Their Town. To Come Out Of This, They Decide To Cheat The King And Queen With A Most Novel Idea. They Take Turns To Die. As One Imitates Dying The Other Is Benefitted By The King And Queen Alternatively. At Last, Both The King And The Queen Decide To Find Out The Truth As To Who Has Died In Reality. It Is Then That They Reveal The Secret That Both Maina And Sokaji Are Alive And It Was A Small Drama Cum Joke Played On Their Part. This Drama Sheds A Light On The Human Nature Where It Is Assumed That Basically A Man Is Fond Of Another Woman And Vice Versa.