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Meerechya Premtirthavar


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Meera Is Heard, Preached And Sang By Many; But A Very Few Can Reach Her Soul. In This Modern World, Osho Seems To Be The Only One Who Has Reached Her Soul, Who Has Felt Her Tears, Who Has Understood The Intensity Of Each Of Her Breath. Osho Himself Has Lead A Life Full Of Poetry, He Has Found Rhythm In His Living, He Has Composed Lyrics Based On The Experiences. Just Like Meera, Osho Sees Love Everywhere. For Him It Is Love Which Keeps This World Going On, For Him It Is Love Which Protects Him, Comforts Him, Offers Him Warmth. His Whole Being Is Love. And Meera??? Meera Herself Is Supreme Devotion, She Is Unique Though Many Devotees Have Achieved The Ultimate Salvation. What Makes Her So Unique? Osho Has Tried To Put Her Uniqueness In Words. He States That The Crystal Clear Devotion Practiced By Meera Is Worthy Enough To Prove Her Divinity. We All Know That Meera Is Krisha, She Sees Him Everywhere, But As We Go On Understanding Her We Find Ourselves Blending With Her, We Start Becoming Meera In A Way. The Path To Devotion Is Not Simple Or Easy. It Is Marked With Unseen Hurdles. It Often Checks On The Intense Desires Of The Devotee. Devotion Is Intricate As The Cause Is Unseen. It Needs Extreme Faith To Surrender To Something Which We Believe To Be There But Cannot See With Naked Eyes. Meera Did It Without Any Second Thoughts In Her Mind. She Sacrificed Herself For The Unseen Cause Of Her Life. This Is What Makes Her Unique From Others. A True Poem Takes Birth From The Depth Of The Mind, It Does Not Linger Over Attempting Rhythm, It May Not Be Well-Versed. Even After Centuries And Eras Pass, Such True Poem Holds The Power To Captivate Minds. Meera Had Accepted The Fact That She Is Merged In Love. Her Faith, Her Reliance And Her Devotion Takes Us With Her.