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Meerechi Madhushala


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Meera: Devotion Had Taken The Form Of Meera; Meera Was Matchless And Will Continue To Be So. Many Have Attained Freedom From This Life, Many Souls Have Been Set Free From The Continuous Cycle Of Birth And Death, Yet Meera Is Different. What Makes Her So Different From Others? Osho Says That It Is The Transparency That Meera Possesses Which Makes Her So Different, It Is The Purity And Crystal Clarity Of Her Soul That Makes Her So Different. Meera Is Completely Devoted To Krishna. Meera Has No Separate Identity For Herself. Meera Is Krishna. And When We Feel Her Devotion, Understand Her Dedication, We Bow Down Before Her, We Lose Ourselves, We Breathe The Air That She Breathes In, We Get Merged With Meera. While Trudging Along Any Other Path, We At Least Have Something Concrete Before Our Eyes. But That Is Not The Case With Devotion. It Is Indeed The Toughest Route Of All. We Do Not Have Anything Concrete To Concentrate Upon. The Soul Of Soul, The Master Soul, Him Not Seen By Human Eye, But Only Felt Or Sensed. To Love Such Supreme Spirit Unseen Ever, To Forget Ourselves Completely, To Offer Ourselves To Him, To Submit Everything, Even Our Ego Indeed It Is An Impossible Task, Only A Few Can Achieve It. Meera Did This And That Too With An Ease, With A Simplicity She Wrote Bhajans, Geet And Many Other Poetic Forms For Him, Her Mind Did Not Linger To Find Rhymes, Her Pen Did Not Stop For Perfection, Her Words Did Not Tried To Follow Each Other, Yet, She Simply Poured Her Feelings For Krishna. She Was His Follower, She Was Not Obsessed By Krishna Yet She Was All For Krishna. Her Devotion Inspires Us, Mesmerizes Us