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Mazya Bapachi Pend


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Otherwise Famous For His Humour, Da Ma Colours The Canvas In A Different Colour This Time. Grief, Longing, Being Away From Near And Dear.. Colours Not Seen Before, Each Story Has A Unique Shade. Each Reveals Different Pain. The Story Of The King Titled Perfectly As To Once Upon A Time.. Is The Best Example Of This. The Comedian In The Courts Of The King Helps Him To Win The Heart Of The Most Wise And Beautiful Damsel In The Town. He Uses All His Wit So As To Bring The Beautiful Maiden In The Kings Palace. At The End, When He Realizes That It Is The Wittiness That The Lady Was Fallen For And Not Name Or Fame Of The King, He Pities Himself. It Could Have Been He Himself Who Could Have Become The Partner Of The Lady. She Was Not Impressed With The Kings Wealth Neither Craved For Bravery. What She Wished Was A Mind Equivalent To Her Talents. Alas.