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Mazi Katemundharichi Shala


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While the commitment of the teachers is being questioned today, this teacher from Katemundhari, a representative of old time school teachers appears to have emerged from a mythical story. Most of the teachers today do not live in the village where their school is situated. The social atmosphere of the village is spoiled because of the petty politics. The teacher arrives in the village when it is time for the villagers to leave it for sake of work and by the time they come back the teachers have already left. This story of a teacher, who willingly giving up all modern luxurious life style and firmly staying with the Adivasis in the village for the last 25 years, makes us ponder over such dedication.

About the Author:

G. N. Munghate began his career as a primary teacher in the Gadchiroli District and then established his own educational institution there.