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"IT Is Very True That All The Stories By Va Pu Are Based Completely On The Middle Class People, Yet These Stories Are Not About The Routine Of This Class, They Have Different Aspects, Various Dimensions. They Give Way To The Uncommon Moments Of Happiness And Sorrow In The Common Life Of The Common People. Va Pu Has The Blessings To Write The Stories With A Touch Of Humour But At The Same Time, His Train Never Derails On The Tracks Of Frivolity. His Writing Reflects Patience, It Is No Where Loud. It Brings Smile On The Lips And Hopes In The Hearts. It Gives Importance To The Entertaining Aspect More Than Painful Torture. It Never Becomes Cheap. The Author Himself Has A Versatile Personality; This Same Is Portrayed Through His Stories Avoiding Repetition. The Best Strength Of His Stories Is Each Story Touches The Soul Somewhere Compeling The Reader To Introspect.'' Prof. Sada Karhade: (LALIT-JULY 1976)