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Matikhalchi Mati


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Anand Yadav Has A Special Place In The Minds Of Marathi Readers. He Has Not Only Mastered The Short Stories But Also The Novels. We Have Often Come Across His Sensitive Mind Through Many Of His Stories. His Mind Notices The Smallest Or Tiniest Feelings In The Minds Around. He Gives Meaning To The Neglected Feelings Of Those Downtrodden People. We All Know That The Plants Thrive In The Soil. But Are We All Aware Of The Fact That It Does Not Thrive Because Of The Outermost Layer Visible To Our Eyes? On The Contrary, It Is The Layer Of Soil Beneath The Outermost Soil Which Is Not Only Humid But Also Warm, Thus Bearing The Best Suitable Conditions For The Plant To Root Itself Well. The Stories Included Under This Title Here Are All Related To The Life Of Villagers. Throughout, The Writing Reflects The Urge That The Writer Has Felt For The Warmth Beneath These Otherwise Dry-Appearing People. It Is This Urge In Him That Makes Him See Beyond The Day-To-Day Living And Bearing Of The Villagers. He Reveals The Unknown Shades Of These Pure Minds Which May Otherwise Appear To Be Selfish. The Stories Help The Readers To Find The Warmth And Moisture Deep Within Which Initiates The Dawning Of Super Sensitiveness. The Result This Book Enhances Us In Return, In Terms Of Humanity.