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Marathitil Baaramaas Kavye


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Enjoy The Uniqueness Of All The Twelve Months From The Aspect Of Anguish The Poems Related To The Twelve Months Of A Year Are Known Are Baramas. Most Of The Northern States Like Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Bhojpur Etc. Are Well Versed In These Baramas Or Twelve-Months Poetry, But Not Maharashtra. There Are A Very Few Exceptions Like That Of The Great Poet, G.D.Madgulkar, Whom We All Known As Gadima. Many Of His Poems Invoke Such Feelings In Our Minds Which Us Long For Our Beloved Ones. Whereas The Northern States Have Ample Literature Expressing The State Of Mind Of A Wife Whose Husband Is Far Away From Her For Months And Years Together. The Twelve-Month Poems Are Exclusive And Unique Form Of Local Language. Though It Is True That They Express The Feelings Of The Loner, The Wife, They Are Often Sung In Groups Where All The Females Share Their Loneliness. Most Of The States Have Taken A Note Of This Literary Form And Have Gone Forward In Criticizing, Studying Them In Depths. In Marathi, There Were Hardly Any Poems Written In This Form. So It Was A Herculean Task To Explore Them Right From Dhulia To Tanjawur, (districts Of India Set Apart Physically). Very Few Such Poems Could Be Found Which Would Fulfill The Purpose. These All Newly Found Baramas Poems Are Included Herein. This Literary Form Which Is Hardly Unknown Has Thus Found A New Path In Our Society. We Are Sure That It Will Be Welcomed By All The Art Lovers.