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Marathi - Russian - German Shabdakosh (Hardcover)


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 • The present dictionary “Marathi-Russian-German Shabdakosh” comprises one of the widely spoken  regional languages of India – Marathi with two major foreign languages.

 • It is a Learner’s dictionary with the main purpose being to provide users all the possible nuances of the essential Marathi words with their Russian and Marathi equivalents. 

 • Specific attention has been paid while conveying denotative and connotative meaning of Marathi words into Russian and German.

 • There are around 6,000 Marathi entry words. The vocables are studies carefully at their lexical, semantic and pragmatic levels which consequently improve the languages’ factual representation and thus enhance the expression skill of the dictionary users.

 • Entry words are used in word groups, or in sentences, also in proverbs and other metaphoric idiomatic usages with their equivalent in both the target languages.

Compiled by Dr. Yogendra Kumar, Dr. Anagha Bhat, Dr. Sunanda Mahajan with Amruta Kulkarni as Project Associate