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Make Your Child Stress-Free


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Motherhood, like all things today, comes with its own baggage of problems and stress. In an age where money, success and power drive every individual, rarely are children allowed to spend time with their parents like they used to. Nobody is to blame; it is a reflection and need of today’s hectic lifestyles and work culture. The sad part, however, is that it is the children who often have to shoulder the brunt; with stress and expectations weighing them down, very few are lucky enough to have a childhood of peace. The author is an eminent Child Specialist. He gives valuable tips on every aspect of this malaise; how to spot a child that is stressed out, what can be the ramifications of this, and of course, how to keep a child away from stress. In simple language that anyone can identify with, he also gives nuggets of advice aimed at parents so that they can retain the innocent charm and peace of mind of their children.