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Maitri Vyavasayikateshi


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Marathi translation of the bestseller by Subroto Bagchi.

The Professional is a definitive guide for people who want to learn to be professionals in the truest sense of the word.

Through his book, The Professional, Subroto Bagchi seeks to redefine the term ‘professional’ by shaping a class of people who have not just the aptitude, but also the right attitude to succeed at a global level.

The accepted definition of a ‘professional’ refers to a person who has the specific knowledge and the right skill sets to do a job. Typically, this includes a coveted degree from some reputed university and/or years of hands-on experience.

Over the years, so-called professionals, with the right degree and the required experience, have often misused their jobs for personal benefits. This unbecoming behavior is becoming increasingly rampant and detrimental in the twenty-first century.

In this era, every person’s behavior has far-reaching, even global, consequences. Thus people need to be strictly held accountable for irresponsible and unethical actions. Setting new standards of professionalism is the need of the hour.

Bagchi outlines the principles, rules, and plans of action that can help an individual be successful in any field. He also discusses the finer points of ethics in the workplace. He brings years of his entrepreneurial experience to the fore to guide readers on their journey to becoming true professionals.

About Subroto Bagchi

Subroto Bagchi is an Indian entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Mindtree Inc. and became its Executive Chairman on April 1, 2012.
As of May 2012, he has four books to his credit. They are MBA At 16, The Professional, The High-Performance Entrepreneur, and Go Kiss The World: Life Lessons For The Young Professionals.