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Local Mazhi Sakhi


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Local - It Saves Time & Money, Yet It Kills Instincts And Takes Lives. It Carries Crore Of Emotions Throughout The Day, Yet It Is Untouched And Unmoved By Any. Local, An Inevitable Part Of A Mumbaikar, A True Friend, Guide & Philosopher! Life In Mumbai Is Very Fast And Punctual, Just Like The Thousands Of Trains Running On The Various Tracks. It Wont Be Exaggerating To Say That Trains And Lives In Mumbai Run Parallel To Each Other. A True Glimpse Of The Life Of Mumbaikar Is Experienced Only In The Local. Every Day, About 66 Lac People Travel By Local Trains. Every Year, 2000 People Die While Attempting To Cross The Rail Tracks. When This Happens, Local Stops In Between The Tracks, And People Come Down On The Tracks To Protest This. It Is A Vicious Circle. This Everyday Journey Takes You To Your Work Place And Then Back Home. It Aids Us By Helping Us Reach Our Destinations. Yet, This Same Journey Leaves Some After Effects Rather As Per Experts Adverse Effects Both Physically And Mentally. The Author Herself Has Been A Localite For Years. Her Sensitive Mind Has Minutely Absorbed The Details Of This Day-To-Day Journey. She Has Sensed The Difficulties, Witnessed The Acts Of Goodness, Felt The Distress At Moments, Helped In The Panicky Situations. She Put Her Thoughts Into Articles Which Were Published In The Daily Newspaper, But Those Articles Were Not Enough To Give An Outlet To The Turmoil In Her Mind. So She Came Up With The Book And Dedicated It To The Local And Especially To The Ladies Coupe. Local Is Life For People Living In Mumbai. Local Is Oxygen, Yet Local Kills. Local Boosts Yet It Is Tiresome. Once You Start Living In Mumbai You Might Despise The Local Initially, But Then You Yourself Will Fail To Capture The Exact Moment When You Started Loving It, Local Become Indispensable.