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The Awesome Story Of God In The Disguise Of A Human Being: Krishna Was Lying Beneath The Huge Tree Of Ashwattha. He Had Just One Last Question In His Mind; Why Is That All The Women Think Alike? He Had Many Thoughts Lingering In His Mind, Many Incidences Before His Eyelids Closed Gently. Be It Any Age, Any Era, Any Age, Women Always Think Likewise. It Is Really Beyond Anyones Understanding To Find Out The Cause And Effect Of Their Behaviour. Women Experience Things Alike, Agony Alike, Anger Alike Too. The Way They Reflect Their Anger Is Also Very Typical. All These Thoughts Made Krishna Smile For A Moment. He Was Suffering From Immense Pain. He Was Shot By The Hunter. Krishna Knew That These Were His Very Few Last Hours In The Form Of A Human. It Was Time To Leave The Mortal Body. He Had Lived His Life Fully, As Destined. He Was Pondering Over The Many Incidences That Had Taken Place In His Life. During These Last Few Hours, He Had Thoughts Of Only Three Women, Radha, Rukhmini And Druapadi. They Were Tied Up To Him With A Separate Bond Each. One Was His Lover, One Was His Wife And One Was His Friend. Each One Had An Intimate Relationship With Him. They All Were Unique Yet Counterparts Of Each Other. Only They Had The Power To Captivate Krishna. They Had The Power To Make Him Linger Before Leaving His Mortal Body. He Lingers And Helps Them To Set Him Free From Their Bonds, Forever