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Keep Off The Grass


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What Do You Do When You Are A Twenty-Five-Year-Old Yale Graduate Making Half-A-Million Dollars A Year As A Hotshot Investment Banker On Wall Street? You Bust Your Ass And Become A Millionaire By Thirty, Of Course. Not If You Are Samrat Ratan, Born In The Usa To Immigrant Indian Parents; You Quit And Enrol In Business School In India Instead. Samrat's Rollercoaster Journey Begins At The Indian Institute Of Management (IIM) In Bangalore, Where He Spends His Time Getting High On Marijuana While His Grades And Self-Confidence Plummet. Soon, Samrat's Quest For Identity Turns Increasingly Bizarre As It Takes Him Places He Hadn't Planned On Visiting Prison, For Example And Makes Him Do Things He Hadn't Banked On Doing: 'MEDITATING' Stoned With A Sexy Danish Hippie In The Himalayas, Hanging Out With A Cannibal On The Banks Of The Ganga, And Peddling Soap To The Formidable Raja Bhaiya In Benares. Does Samrat Yale Valedictorian, Investment Banker, Convict, Pothead Survive His Fall From Grace?