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Katha Gurjari


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An Old Needy Woman Who Keeps The Pain And Sorrow Of The Huge Tragedy Of Her Life To Herself, And Earns Her Livelihood By Working With Great Sincerity Wherever She Is Needed.... - A Young Pregnant Prostitute Who Wants To Keep Her Baby And The Daughter-In-Law From A 'RESPECTABLE' Family, Who Is Forced To Abort A Female Fetus Every-Time.... - A Son Who Takes His Mentally Unsound Mother To Kumbh-Mela And Deliberately Leaves Her Behind, Because Her Behavior Has Become Unbeatable To Him.... - Leaders Who Plan And Bring About Communal Riots To Ensure A Sure Win In The Ensuing Elections And The Families Who Are Totally Devastated In The Carnage... -WHAT Incident Sears The Mind Of A Young Boy Whose Soldier Father Had Died A Martyr's Death In Kargil?..... - A Good-Looking, Middle- Aged Lady Deserted By Her Husband At A Very Young Age, Makes Everybody Believe That She Is Leading An Extremely Happy And Contented Marred Lift... Many More Such Stories. Each Story Holding A Mirror To A Different World, To Different States Of Happiness And Sorrow..., And A Few Stories Which Are Just Clean And Funny Entertainment! - Presenting Touching, Though-Provoking Stories By Different Gujarati Writers To Marathi Readers Who Always Are Discerning Connoisseur.