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Katha Aklechya Kandyachi


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Born On 8th August 1926, Shankar Patil Was The Most Famous Amongst The Contemporary Authors For His Stories Based Mostly On The Rural Life. His Language Typically Reflected The Beauty Of Village Life. Though He Was A Prominent Story Writer, He Successfully Tried His Hands Over The Other Forms Of Literature Including The Drama Format. Initially, His Themes Appear To Be Simple But If Studied At Depth One Is To See The Many-Fold Dimensions Involved In His Writing Process. Entertainment Is Not His Solitary Aim. His Writing Reflects His Concern And Commitment For The Society. Instead Of Clinging To The Rituals And Traditions He Aims At Finding Out New Meanings For Achieving Better Living Standards. His Writing Has The Base Of A Sensitive Mind Which Is Completely Harmonious With The Nature. He Understands And Accepts Change As Easily As One Breathes Under The Normal Circumstances.