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Although Narendra Modi is better known as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he is also recognized as a prolific writer. This book is a sketch of the people who he believes inspired him and influenced his work. Modi, who has a strong background of being attached to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) first as a worker and then as a ‘Prachaarak’, gives elaborate glimpses into the life of the people who are featured in ‘Jyotipunj’. Translated from the original Gujrati into Marathi by Ravindra Dani, the language exposes the sensitive and literature-loving side of a man who is commonly perceived as tough and business-like. The personalities whom the author writes about are all giant figures in the Sangh Pariwar, and the tone of admiration and regard seems eminently justifiable, especially since the chapters give us an excellent reflection of these men and their thoughts.