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Jinnas Pardeshi, Lajjat Swadeshi


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A first of its kind cook-book for all those Maharashtriyans who live abroad. The book has over 400 fusion recipes having basic ingredients available abroad and cooked in Indian style. This unique book will definitely reduce your dependance on junk food.

Names of a few select recipes are:
1. Quinoa Khichadi
2. Hash Browns Misal
3. Marsh mellows-Kurmure Chikki
4. Puff Pastry Shankarpale
5. Cranberry Panchamrut
6. Red and Black Beans Thalipeeth
7. Chia Seeds Laadoo
8. Brussels Sprouts Pachadi
9. Asparagus Bhareet
10. Rhubarb Pickle
11. Zucchini Daal Bhaji
12. Tomatillo Batata Rassa
13. Artichoke Mataki Usal
14. Narali Couscous
15. Broccolichi Peeth Perun Bhaji
16. Avacado Barfee
17. Bok Choy Koshimbeer
18. Tofu Methi Parathe
19. Chayotecha Petha