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Jeevan Darshan Aur Manyataye (With VCD)


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Everything is a game of beliefs; understanding is the whole thing. Is the breaking of a mirror or glass inauspicious? Yes, if the mirror or glass is broken on your head! You are walking and a cat crosses your path: is this is a bad omen? Yes, if you are a mouse! People wear specific gemstone rings in their fingers; and also they change the direction of their doors and windows at the directives of astrologers. They are like drowning men grasping at straws. There are so many kinds of beliefs, which misguide people. People should release themselves from beliefs such as these: 1) Superficial beliefs: Falling of a lizard on oneself, breaking of a mirror, involuntary blinking of eyes, etc. 2) Superficial but deep-rooted beliefs: Heaven and hell, deeds and destiny, life and death, happiness and sorrow, etc. 3) Deep-rooted beliefs: God has a particular face, ornaments, make-up, and other such beliefs. 4) Very deep-rooted beliefs: I am Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, male, female, black, white, I am my body, etc. 5) Beliefs regarding self-realization: For self-realization one needs to practice austerity for a long time. It takes seven births to attain self-realization. Spirituality should be sought after the age of fifty. One needs to wear special clothes, renounce the society, and meditate in seclusion. Spirituality consists of giving donations, service, and worship, etc. A survey was conducted to study beliefs, wrong notions and assumptions. The researchers discovered that nearly every human being is a victim of some wrong belief or another. Beliefs are something which the mind believes but which are not true. Some beliefs cause a lot of suffering and most of them impede success and joy. This book has nine chapters, each devoted to a different set of beliefs. With the knowledge of truth, one can get rid of all the false beliefs at once & attain freedom. About Author Sirshree's Introduction Sirshree’s spiritual quest, which began during his childhood, led him on a journey through various schools of thought and meditation practices. The overpowering desire to attain the truth made him relinquish his teaching job. After a long period of contemplation, his spiritual quest ended with the attainment of the ultimate truth. Sirshree says, “All paths that lead to the truth begin differently, but end in the same way—with understanding. Understanding is the whole thing. Listening to this understanding is enough to attain the truth.” To disseminate this understanding, Sirshree devised Tejgyan—a unique system for wisdom—that helps one to progress from self-help to self-realization. He has delivered more than a thousand discourses and written over fifty books. His books have been translated in more than ten languages and published by leading publishers such as Penguin Books, Hay House Publishers, Jaico Books, etc. Sirshree’s retreats have transformed the lives of millions and his teachings have inspired various social initiatives for raising global consciousness.