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Today All Around Us We See Many Senior Citizens. They All Have Led A Wonderful Life And Have Quite A Lot Of Experiences, But Very Few Of Them Have Come Forward To Fulfill Their Liabilities Towards The Society After Their Retirements. Girija Kir Is One Such Name. Author Girija Kir Is Famous For Her Sense Of Humanity. She Has Created Wonderful Literary Work So Far. Janmathep Adds Yet Another Feather In Her Cap. When She First Received A Letter From A Youngster Behind The Bars, Surviving A Sentence Of Life-Imprisonment, Her Mind Was In Dilemma. She Wanted To Offer Her Helping Hand, Yet Her Upbringing Was Holding Her Back. But When The Better Part Of Her Made Her Realize The Agony Of Those Behind Bars, She Offered Them The Most Important Things; A Helping Hand And A Sympathetic Ear. She Approached The Jails Where Such Convicts Were Locked, She Talked To Them, She Soothed Them, She Made Them See The World With Her Eyes And Gave Them The Confidence To Return To This World Again. She Increased Their Abilities To See The Good Sides Of This World, She Made Them Feel Wanted By The Loved Ones Once Again. She Helped Them To Built The Feeling That There Are More Good Things Than The Evils In The World. She Became The Mother Of Many Such Convicts. The Journey Was Not An Easy One For Her. Yet, She Took The First Seemingly Impossible Step And Since Then Her Continuous Efforts Are Going On, Tirelessly. She Has Penned Down Her Hard Work Through Janmathep Which Will Surely Inspire The Readers To Offer Helping Hands And Sympathetic Ear To Such Needy Ones. Her Sincere Attempts And The Results That She Has Achieved Will Make Every Reader Think Over The Contribution That Each One Is Expected To Give.