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Jaichi Sugandhi Phule


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Autobiography Of A Ruralite From The Backyards Of Maharashtra. Achievement Of A Steady Mind Overcoming The Barriers Of Caste And Poverty. A 6, 82y Body, A Sound Mind And A Pure Soul Can Bring Riches In Life. A True Story Of A Poor And Noble Mind, Helping Others While Helping Himself. These Are The Memoirs Of Shree Shinde In His Own Lucid Language. Shree Shinde, Born In That India Where Untouchability Was The Regular Practice And Not A Crime. No One Bothered To Find Out About His Feelings, His Needs, And The Least, His Desires. He Started His Life As An Untouchable. He And The Others From His Community Were Not Allowed To Enter The Village. They All Were Ostracized From The Society, Banned Literally. Jai, His Mother Gave Him The Strength For All His Struggles. The Adversity Was Worst And His Mind Knew No Peace. He Did Not Rest Until He Won The Struggle Of Life. He Strove Hard. He Achieved Success. He Made His Life Beautiful And He Brought Fragrance To All Those Near Him. Nowhere Will You Find Any Mockery Or Insincerity. The Writing Flows Smoothly Through The Pages And Takes Us With It To The Final Destination Peacehis Writing Is Devoid Of Any Pretence Or Make Believe Stories. His Career Graph Began With His Posting As A Junior Engineer In The Pwd And Retired As The Executive Director From The Same Department. Throughout His Life, He Was Literally Tied Up With The Soil And The Rocks. But His Mind Did Not Lose Its Tenderness. He Was Always An Ardent Reader. From Time To Time, He Penned Down Many Of His Thoughts In The Form Of Poetry And Articles. Till Date, He Has Been Able To Maintain This Unique Flavour Savouring His Life.