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Jagprasiddha Vha


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Jagprasiddha Vha Is A Unique Book On Personality Development. In The Era Of Globalization, We Are Facing Fierce Competition In Every Sector Of Employment And Profession. Boards Of Directors And Top Level Management Of All Organizations Focus On The Quality Of The Human Resources. Quality Has Two Aspects; Technical Or Job Related Skills And The Behavioural Skills. Our Education System Gives The Knowledge And The Technical Skills. But Unfortunately Attitudinal And Behavioural Training Is Missing From The School And The College Curriculums. Inculcation Of These Skills Is A Pre-Requisite For Success In Any Profession. Jagprasiddha Vha Attempts To Reveal The Five Aspects Of Personality Development. In The Physical Personality One Has To Concentrate On How Do I Look?, How Do I Present Myself? And How Do I Maintain My 6, 82? Author Emphasizes The Fact That Intellectual Personality Does Not Depend Upon The Intelligence Inherited By You But How Do You Sharpen Your Intellectual Capacities. Various Methods And Techniques Have Been Suggested For The Growth Of The Intellectual Personality. Emotional Intelligence And Emotional Quotient Are The Key Words In The Work Environment. Everybody Talks About The Positive Attitude, Team Building And Leadership Qualities But Rarely People Know How To Imbibe And Nurture This Attitude And Qualities In Oneself. This Book Has Given Simple But In-Depth Explanation On Building Up Your Emotional Personality. In The Days Of Social Networking Your True Success Lies On The Social Aspect Of Your Personality. Society Or The People Around Us Influence Our Personality With Positive As Well As The Negative Strokes And Comments. How To Recognize These Stimuli? How To React And How To Draw Benefit Of These Strokes Is The Focus Of The Social Personality. Nothing Can Be Achieved Unless You Have A Strong 11, 82 Base. The Chapter On 11, 82 Personality Discusses The Core Values And Belief Which Gives Strength To Your Personality. Ultimately, Personality Development Is A Process. In Any Age Group You Can Start It. With Appropriate Examples, Stories, Questionnaire, Charts And Anecdotes, The Process Has Been Discussed In Simple Language. Reader Feels As If The Author Is Personally Talking To You And The Book Is Written Just For You.