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Hungry Nation to Agro Power


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The resurgent India of today is one of the world’s largest producers of milk, pulses and tea, besides having broken into the global three when it comes to production of sugar, wheat, rice and fruit. One must not forget that this was not the case some decades back; India got its food from America and the ship-to-mouth existence took a ‘Green Revolution’ to change the scene. The journey from a hungry nation to an agro power has been highly eventful and incredibly rousing. The ‘Green Revolution’ owed its success to men like Annasaheb Shinde, a giant figure amongst the men and women who planned India’s biggest turnaround story. The book tells readers about this man and the great movement he envisaged and helped to implement. In a compilation of articles written by several eminent personalities about Annasaheb Shinde, the book gives valuable insight into his vision and India’s progress.