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Heart Attack Ani Sukhi, Samruddha Jeevan


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Marathi translation of the bestseller by Dr. Tom Smith.

A guide to a lifetime of healthy heart and to a long life. Medical research and scientific studies have established beyond any doubt that coronary heart disease is preventable. And in those who may have a heart problem, it can be reversed. This book explains the background to common heart problems, and how we can help ourselves, whether we are still fit and healthy, or already have a heart or a circulation problem.

It is an honest book. It presents the facts. It explains the symptoms of a heart disease, the newer diagnostic tests and the latest treatment available for regaining normal health. It debunks myths, ignores folklore and cuts through the confusion about risk factors, cures and other treatments. It recommends sensible living and a series of everyday simple dos and don'ts to keep you heart healthy and in mint condition.