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A Wonderful Gift Of 14 Stories Wrapped Together, Helping Us To Get Relaxed And Understand The Minute Qualities Of A Human Mind As Well. The Stories As Presented Here Are Simple; Most Of Them Are Very Common Too. They Have The Typical Qualities Of Da Mas Magical Touch. That Is Why They Stand Out As So Very Special. As We Read Each Story, We Recognize The Strength Of His Words. We Appreciate His Style Of Writing. He Helps Us To Comprehend The Humour Hidden Underneath. It Is A Fact That People Behave In The Way They Find Most Suitable Or Convenient As Per Their Understanding. In A Way, It Is Not Wrong Too. Everyone Is Right And Perfect At His Or Her Place, It Is The Way Others Introspect Them That Makes Life So Miserable. Da Ma Succeeds In Unveiling This Secret In A Mischievous Way