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Hasal Tar Vachal


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Do you have sheer information of Pune? Have you ever said ‘Let it rain but control your poems’ to any new self proclaimed poet? Have you ever tasted ‘chapsui’ or ‘kaansoup’ in a local Chinese restaurant? Have you ever heard the names of saree with its condition, such as a torn or old saree as ‘Virkali’ or ‘Tarkali’? If you have experienced such things, this book will help you in recognising similar signs and will make you laugh like insane! The path of ‘Comedy’ is far more hard, and slightly prohibited for women’s, but Meera Sirsamkar is trying to get along this difficult path, flawlessly!With the help of minute observations, giggling actions, the power to capture contrast things going around, she is trying to pass this way. We wish her all the very best for her journey and may people enjoy this FUNTASTIC ride!