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A Set Of 10 Stories: From The Beginning To The End, This Collection Is Full Of Entertainment. The Words Have Such Power That They Make You Laugh And Think At The Same Time, They Reveal The Humour But Also The Secrets Of Life Hidden Deep Down. Each Human Mind Craves For Authority And Yet Tries To Shun Away From Responsibility. Nanas Character Is Based On Such Controversial Feelings. He Wants To Be Famous Yet, He Is Always Scared Of People Around Him. His Mind Craves For Importance Still, He Fears Everyone. Destiny Opens Up Some New Opportunities For Him, But His Poor Luck Snatches Away Everything From Him. Whenever He Tries To Tell His Villagers Something Of Utmost Importance, They Either Ignore Him Or Beat Him. Does He Get Name And Fame At The End.? To Get The Answers, You Must Read Gudgulya And Experience Tickling Throughout.