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Growing Up Bin Laden


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In 1974, At The Age Of 15, Najwa Married Her First Cousin, 17-Year-Old Osama Bin Laden. She Had Grown Up In A Conservative Muslim Household; He Was One Of The Wealthy, Powerful Bin Ladens. She Recalls A Young Husband Drawn Away On Business And Her Life Of Seclusion And Duty, Giving Birth To Seven Sons And Four Daughters, Accepting Other Wives And Children Into The Family And Its Itinerant Homes. Omar, The Fourth Child Of Osama And Najwa, Recalls A Severely Strict Father: No Toys, No Ventilators For Boys Who Suffered From Asthma, Hikes In The Desert With No Water. Omar Remembers Accompanying His Father To A Training Camp At 15 And Their Later Confrontationsand Eventual Breakas He Began To Understand His Fathers Involvement In Al-Qaeda. He Also Recalls Conflicting Emotions, Including Love And Pride In His Father And Eventually Shame For His Fathers Renown As A Terrorist And Architect Of The 9/11 Attacks On The U.S. A Compelling Look At The Intimate Family Life Of A Notorious Man, As Told By His Wife And Son. --VANESSA Bush