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Go Kiss The World


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Go, Kiss The World Were Subroto Bagchi S Blind Mother S Last Words To Him. These Words Became The Guiding Principle Of His Life. Subroto Bagchi Grew Up Amidst What He Calls The Material Simplicity Of Rural And Small-Town Orissa, Imbibing From His Family A Sense Of Contentment, Constant Wonder, Connectedness To A Larger Whole And Learning From Unusual Sources. From Humble Beginnings, He Went On To Achieve Extraordinary Professional Success, Eventually Co-Founding Mindtree, One Of India S Most Admired Software Services Companies. Through Personal Anecdotes And Simple Words Of Wisdom, Subroto Bagchi Brings To The Young Professional Lessons In Working And Living, Energizing Ordinary People To Lead Extraordinary Lives. Go Kiss The World Will Be An Inspiration To Young India , And To Those Who Come From Small-Town India, Urging Them To Recognize And Develop Their Inner Strengths, Thereby Helping Them Realize Their Own, Unique Potential.