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Girls Of Riyadh


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An Inside Peek Into A Hidden World : Four Young Women Navigate The Narrow Straits Between Love, Desire And Islamic Tradition. Every Week After Friday Prayers, An E-Mail Circulates Among A Group Of Subscribers To A Vast Online Network. Over The Course Of A Year, The Realities Of Four University Students From Fiyadh's Elite Classes, Gamrah, Michelle, Sadeem And Lamees, Are Revealed. Living In A Society With Strict Cultural Traditions While Sex And The City. Dating And Sneaking Aroung Behind Their Parents' Backs Consume Their Lives, These Four Young Girls Face Numerous Social, Romantic, Professional And Sexual Tribulations. Never-Ending Cultural Conflicts Underscore The Difficulties Of Being An Educated Twenty-First-Century Female Growing Up In A Society Firmly Rooted In An Ancient Way Of Life. Girls Of Riyadh Presents A Rare And Unforgettable Insight Into The Complicated Lives Of These Young Saudi Women, Whose Amazing Stories Are Unfolding In A Culture So Very Different From Our Own