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As This Title Suggests, The Stories Included Here Are Small Talks With The Reader. These Include Memories From Childhood And Also Some Recent Incidences. These Stories Give A Feel Of A Get Together After A Long Time, Friends From College Meeting Once Again, Chatting, Sharing And Caring For Each Other. These Stories Were Published In Kesari Newspaper From May 1983 To April 1984. The Concept Was To Offer The Reader Something Light To Read, Purely On Entertainment Basis. There Was No Initiative Of Making One Thoughtful And Introspect Himself Or Herself. There Is No Single Theme On Which These Articles Are Based. Dm Has Penned Down What And When He Felt Like Writing Casually, Yet Touching Our Minds, Relaxing Us. That Was What He Intended To Do. All These Articles Are Based On His Experiences. A Few To Name Are: The Law Of Gravitational Force Makes A Person Come Down From The Height, But In Movies Exactly Opposite Action Takes Place, The Person On Ground Is Suddenly Seen On Heights. It Is Just One Person Who Has The Capacity To Send Gagabhatt Into The Space A Minister. Even If There Is No One To Listen, Total Absence Of Audience There Is One Meeting Which Goes On That For An Election.. Childhood, The Most Wonderful Phase Of Life, It Allows Us To Glance At The Magnificent And Magical World, Captivating Us. That Of The Ghosts Each One Of Us Has To Pray And Worship The Goddess, The Graceful Lady Found In Old Novels Sleep. It Is Said That The Wise Should Never Enter.. A Court. Bribe.A 29, 82, An Art.. Having Separate Rules And Regulations And Many More..