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Gammat Goshti


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A Set Of 12 Short Stories By The All Time Favourite Author. Each Of These Stories Reveals The Humour And The Cunningness Of Villagers. It Is A Combination Of Simplicity And Shrewdness, Innocence And Guild. Each Reflects Light On The Various Human Natures Yet They All Are Tied Up With Something In Common, The Lust For Living, The Eagerness To Make The Best Use Of Life, The Wish To Make The Tough Moments Pleasant. Throughout This Book, The Common Characters Like The Barber, The Constable, The Teachers, The Bridegroom And Many Others. The First Story Kurghodi Is Based On Two Such Fellows, One Is The Barber And The Other Is The Patil Of The Village. The Cunning Barber Catches The Patil Red-Handed With Another Female. He Thereafter Starts Blackmailing Him. When The Patils Wife Comes To Know About All This, She Takes Revenge In A Fantastic Way. Without Using Weapons Or Force, She Plays Such A Trick On The Barber That He Forgets All About Blackmailing. Each And Every Story Thus Shows The Hidden Aspects Of Human Nature