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Have You Ever Seen Someone Suffering From Terrible Pains, Worst Than Dying Peacefully? Have You Ever Thought Of Gathering All Your Courage To Put An End To All The Troubles So As To Make Dying Beautiful? Have You At Least For A Moment Realized And Accepted The Importance Of Allowing Someone To Die Peacefully? Someone Has Given It A Lot Of Thought! Medical Profession Is Considered To Be The Noblest Of All Professions. It Saves Life. It Makes Living Simpler, Easy. A Doctor Is Believed To Be A Boon. He Has The Power To Relieve Pain, To Make Life Peaceful. Dr. Ghaisas, A Doctor, A Surgeon, Settles Down In A Small Place, Away From The Hubbub Of Mumbai, With The Intention Of Offering Best Services To The Needy. Slowly Yet Steadily He Acquires Respect From The Surrounding People. He Becomes The Life-Saver For Many. As A Doctor He Serves The Patients, Brings Happiness In Their Lives, Cures Them, But At Times He Becomes Helpless. Destiny Does Not Always Allow Him To Help People. He Is Left With No Option But Watch The Pains, The Slow Dying Process, The Vulnerability Of The Relatives. It All Makes Him Think, Ponder And Consider The Course Of Destiny And His Participation To It. What Course Of Action Does He Take? How Does He Help His Patients To Get Relief From The Pains, The Suffering? Who Helps Him? Who Knows Him? Who Stands By Him? It Is A Wonderful Novel With Simple Languid Flow Of Language, Taking You To Heights. A Perfect Writing, Explaining The Difficult Medical Terms In An Uncomplicated Manner. A Completely Innovative Novel Based On The Life Of A Busy Doctor. A Very Kind, Considerate And Practical Mind Who Has Devoted Himself For The Betterment Of The Society. The One Who Has Saved So Many Lives Has Lost All His Dear Ones. Yet, He Is Not Alone. He Supports Many.